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The Fixed Ops Mastermind

Feb 1, 2021

My name is Angelina Zimmerman yet everyone calls me Angie. I am a Mindset Coach, Facilitator, Host of Zillionaire Superstars podcast show and Designer of Zillionaire Creations. I have an unstoppable zest for life and learning. I know that growth mindset is the foundation on which all success is built.

The most rewarding part of my work is when my clients successfully overcome their self-limiting beliefs through mindset shifts, embedding the Zillionaire principles leading to a boost in confidence. With over 40 professional qualifications, I am a qualified Results Coach, NLP Practitioner, facilitator and writer who has been a life-long personal development enthusiast.

My passion and obsession has led to training and coaching thousands of individuals and employees across all levels within organisations and the techniques you learn in my programs are guaranteed to revolutionise every area of your life.

As Host of the Zillionaire Superstars podcast show I have had interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs from around the world featuring: Mark Lack, Joel Brown, Chip Baker, Roy Huff, Cole Hatter, Chris Widener, Ruby Lee, Edward Zia, Kelly Roach, Tyler Wagner, Dr John Demartini, Caleb Maddix, Ron Maholtra, Ash Playsted, Jordan Paris, Josh Perry, Pete Wargent, Chris & Eric Martinez, Chris Widener, Michael Yardney, Melissa Ambrosini,  Ryan Stewman, Barbara Huson, Aaron Sansoni, Daniel Murray, and Jeremy Liddle to name a few. My articles on mindset and resultant of my interviews with entrepreneurs have  led to my articles appearing on platforms such as and Addicted2Success.

My obsession and passion to help others stems from my own personal journey as my teenage years where filled with drama and chaos especially in my home life. Not to mention grappling with common teenage struggles such as self-image, eating disorders, anxiety and depression. As a young adult, I did not have all of the tools, knowledge and support to effectively manage the constantly changing situation.

Instead, I struggled to cope with the new environments in my home and school life which eventually led to the realisation that things had to drastically change. This is when I became obsessed with personal development, learning, reading books and focused on adopting a positive approach by forming new friendships, studying and travelling all of which led to new possibilities appearing in my life. Those challenging situations led me on a lifelong learning journey focused on living the Zillionaire principles, understanding the power of mindset and helping others to overcome challenges in their own lives which is where I find myself today.


The Zillionaire Principles stand for ROARS

ROutine, Attitude, Reflection and Strength

ROutine is about being structured and highly organised. It involves building a daily success routine that brings out the best version of you.

A is for attitude which is about your mindset, your hunger to become the best version of you and to constantly change and improve. It relates to your perspective, how you show up each day, the positivity you bring to the table and taking pride in your appearance.

Reflection is about reflecting on your day and your week. Identifying what worked well, what didn’t work well, what could you do differently. It also involves being appreciative of what you have in your life and understanding the power of gratitude. It incorporates various daily practices that instil success such as journalling, visualisation and meditation. Calming the mind to gain clarity and be more decisive.

Strength involves a daily routine that instils physical and mental well-being. It is about boosting your resilience levels, being physically strong through daily exercise and nutrition and having a support system to challenge and celebrate your wins in life.


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